Meet Nature
fine artist

Laura Brady


Laura Brady began her professional career after graduating from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design with three areas of concentration in Graphic Design, Advertising, and Illustration, in 2001. She continued her career in small business graphic marketing and then went on a journey to retrace her fine art roots in illustration. It wasn’t until 2018 when Laura embarked on the adventure of acrylic painting. In 2019, she hosted first solo exhibition at Gallery 840 in Allentown, PA.

Since then, Laura has opened her own solo gallery & public studio space in Allentown, PA. As an award winning artist, she has released and sold over 100’s of her original paintings, exhibited at numerous galleries and renowned fine art shows, here in the US and internationally, reaching the heart of each collector. Her process, is inspired by the wonder of creation, and she truly desires to capture the pure essence and beauty of nature with each paint stroke. Laura also owns and operates a flower farm in New Tripoli, PA which is the source of inspiration for much of her work and creates a unique connection between the flower she paints so the viewer can truly “Experience the Wonder” of nature. 

Artist Statement

I am told that I see the world differently than most. A world created with dynamic, vivid color, where sound is transformed into shape and emotion is released in the movement of a paint brush. Through my exploration of nature, I seek to host a new perspective drawn from the inspiration of the wonder of creation. I desire to capture the pure essence and beauty of nature. Approaching each piece with a mix of impressionism & realism, which carries a boldness yet softness, a parallel understanding that suggests a glimpse of a new reality. A refreshing for both the mind and the spirit, as the viewer receives what each painting has been made to release.

Laura Brady fine artist floral art